Color book tag!

color-paletteWhenever one of the booktubers I follow posts a book tag on his channel (oranyothervideo) I totally love the questions and the answers he/she gives. So I asked myself: Why don’t I do a book tag on my blog too? Every week, or so, I will try to find some new tag to propose you, but let’s get started with the Color Book Tag!

This tag includes around 14 colors and I will try to mach them with a book!

Wish me goodluck!

Orange: Inner harmony, which book satisfied you most for its final?cover

I will say The Sleeper and the Spindle by, ofcourse, Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddle. A beautiful tale about  shared sorrows, passing time and choosing the best thing to do. Its final just leaves you aware about its main protagonist’s srength. 





Grey: Itching wait, A book you’re watching for the right time to read20820994.

My TBR pile as long as the Chines wall, so I could answer to this just closing my eyes, but I’m goingto say: I’ll Give You The Sun, by Jandy Nelson, which I already own.                                                                                   The reason why I don’t want to read it now, it’s because I just would like to pick it up when my english vocabulary will be better, so  I won’t do any error in translating it and I will completely enjoy it without having to pick the dictionary every few minutes.


Green: Superior Acquaintances A book that opened your eyes.luna

Luna talks about the infinite lives that could be ours and about the only one that in the end is going to be chosen for us. With whom we should have to be OK with and respect and change if we want, but making us sure that we won’t hurt any of our dear ones with our choices . Two fantastic sisters looking for the Right Way, ready to sustain each other despite the mistakes they both make hurting  themselves. A book that contains every sigle sorrow a teenager has to stand in his high school years. Read it and you won’t be disappointed.

Red: Passion: The most passionate book love.the_mark_of_athena_cover_art

For whom who had read it, you know what I’m talking about. It’s Love, it’s Friendship, Respect. It’s everything we would die to feel for somebody. 

Half of the world thinks that this ship is for children. The other half is like: What? Percy threw himself into the Tartarus for Annabeth!!

Going together into Tartarus, this is how much they’re in love.



Yellow: Creativity: A book you thought its author was a genius because of 22609310
the mazy situations.

So many plot twists, so much love, so many complicated characters!! This book is freaking perfect. Each personality is strictly linked to the others. Colleen Hoover is a genius, she realized a love story  and made it so interesting, I have read Confess twice.tumblr_noxfupkbxp1qmuqd3o1_500 


Black: Denial: A book you hated from beginning to end.

Bleah, Bleah, Bleah, Useless, Useless, Useless, Disdain, Disdain, Disdain.

Even if I think I’ll have to reread it for having a right opinion on this shi**y book.





Indigo: Inner awakening, A book that made you securities collapse.

I just can’t talk about this book. It’s so UUUUU…..vaticanum-il-manoscritto-esoterico_h_partb1.

Blue: Tranquillity: A book that made you relax.the-duff 

OK, this boo Had to talk about serious teenager problems, but for me it was a fantastic way to spend a afternoon as a dead weight on my armchair, I totally flew through it and it made me laugh a lot. Because yes, Bianca is really funny!





Pink: We all love each other: Someone you didn’t want him/ her to die. the_fault_in_our_stars

Duh. WHY?WHY?WHY?WHYYY? We have to get over it, we just can’t but we have to. Gosh, I promise you I will  talk about this book, I don’t know when, I don’t know  if I will be brave enough, but I will.






Light blue: Communication: A character you wanted to scream to your own advices.divergent_book_by_veronica_roth_us_hardcover_2011

YOU, Idiot. Don’t make that Iknowall, Icanprotecteveryone face, Beatrice. Don’t you dare push that trigger! EHI What Have you doooone!! Open your fucking eyes, fucking Jerk! I hate you. 






White. All the colors, Ergo, the best book you’ve ever read.21kdkao

Yes I have a favorite book, and yes everyone that knows me knows it. Thisis poetry. This is everything a YA book should’ve got. Please, pick it up. It will ruin your life, it will refine on your lifeskyiseverywherelight

Spring is coming I’m sorry, this tag has taken me 4 days for it to be ready. I hope I will do better in the next post…





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